What does Lafite wine taste like?

Chateau Lafite is perhaps the most aromatic of the First Growths as well, with a perfume that fills the air with cedar, cassis, spice, tobacco, truffle, lead pencil, dark, red berries, and earthy notes. In the best vintages, the wine requires decades to develop to its full potential.

What is the history of Chateau Lafite?

In the deed of sale, Chateau Lafite was described as a Premier Cru of Medoc. This is one of the earliest mentions of what we know of today as Lafite Rothschild producing wines of what would later be classified as an 1855 First Growth. At the time, the affairs of Lafite were managed by the Goudal family.

what kind of wine is petrus

What is Pétrus Merlot?

Although the vineyard was planted with some Cabernet Franc grapes, the Pétrus vineyard – which is on Bordeaux’s Right Bank in the Pomerol appellation – has been 100-percent Merlot since 2011. No. 4. Domestic demand: Unlike many other Bordeaux wines in this price range, the market for Pétrus is still significantly domestic.

Is there a second wine at Pétrus?

Drinkers looking for Pétrus’s second wine will also be disappointed; there’s none of that either. Anything that’s not good enough to be used in Pétrus is sold as bulk wine.

What kind of wine is Château Pétrus?

Château Pétrus is a Bordeaux, France, wine estate located in the Pomerol appellation near its eastern border to Saint-Émilion. A small estate of just 11.4 hectares (28 acres), it produces a red wine entirely from Merlot grapes (since the end of 2010), and produces no second wine.

what kind of yeast is best for mead

What makes a good Mead yeast?

The basic things we need to consider for a mead yeast are: Alcohol tolerance: The tolerance of the yeast needs to be capable of reaching the alcohol content of the finished mead, if not then the yeast will drop out before finishing fermentation and leave you with an overly sweet mead.

What is sweet mead/wine yeast?

WLP720 Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast: A liquid yeast strain from White Labs that leaves a small amount of residual sweetness. Ferments up to 15% ABV and produces a finished mead with a subtle fruitiness.

what knives do chefs use uk

What is a chef’s knife used for?

T he chef’s knife – or cook’s knife – can be used for anything from slicing onions, chopping herbs and crushing garlic to mincing meat. The main style we use today is developed from French and German traditions, though, increasingly, Japanese knives – with thinner blade and curved spine – are popular.

What kind of knives are used in restaurants?

These large, rectangular-shaped, bladed knives are mainly used to cut through big chunks of meat and bones. While it isn’t something you might find in a domestic kitchen, most restaurants will have one of these on hand. Similarly to the serrated knife being the baby version of the bread knife, the carving knife is a smaller cleaver.

What are Your Top 5 favourite chef’s knives?

1. Wüsthof classic cook’s knife, 20cm 2. Kai Shun classic scalloped santoku knife, 18cm 3. Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch chef’s knife 4. F. Dick 1905 fully forged chef’s knife, 21.5cm 5. Zwilling Pro santoku knife, 18cm 6. Victorinox Fibrox carving knife, 25cm