What is the wine Geeks podcast?

This is a podcast for wine geeks and casual enthusiasts alike. The podcasters: Sommelier and self-styled wine dork Elizabeth Schneider and her wine-loving, non-somm husband, M.C. Ice, host these 45-minute episodes.

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Is it better to vacuum or spray preserve wine?

While a vacuum system can be a bit pricier, they also tend to keep wine fresh for longer. And while a simple spray solution may not keep your wine fresh for as long, you can also use it on as many bottles as you want, whereas most wine vacuum systems only feature enough supplies to preserve one or two.

What is the best wine preserver?

The Best Wine Preserver. 1 1. Coravin Model Two Premium – Wine Preservation System. Best Choice Key Features 2 Coravin capsules Ultra pure argon gas 15 x 5oz glasses per … 2 2. Vacu Vin Wine Preserver. 3 3. Coravin Model One Advanced – Wine Preservation System. 4 4. Vacu Vin Wine Saver. 5 5. Ivation Wine Preserver. More items

What is the best way to preserve wine?

A little more unknown but still a good way to preserve wine is the use of an argon wine system preservation system like some people call it. This name is not real accurate since most of them use more nitrogen and less argon gas since the price of argon is a lot higher.

How does a wine preservation system work?

Most wine preservation systems are either vacuum systems or a combination of vacuum technology and argon gas. Vacuum systems involve removing all oxygen from your bottle to prevent oxidation (and your wine getting stale). Some systems also come with argon gas capsules to extend shelf life even further.

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What is the best wine saver for home use?

An easy to use wine saver with a sleek and classy design, the Coravin Model Two Premium – Wine Preservation System lets you pour as if you would a fully opened bottle. It comes with an attractive carry case and two preservation capsules, usually retailing at around $18 each) that will last around 15 standard glasses.

What is the best vacuum wine preserver?

Best Vacuum Wine Preserver: Vacu Vin Wine Saver ($12) When people think of “wine preserver,” a hand pump vacuum system usually comes to mind first. The Vacu Vin Wine Saver is a popular option to preserve your wine—just place one of the two included stoppers into the top of the bottle and use the vacuum to create an air-tight seal.

How to preserve wine for a long time?

It preserves your opened bottle of wine for up to a week with no air. Then it re-seals your opened wine bottle after pumping out the air from the bottle. This one works as the best wine preserver because of its airtight vacuum functions. The pump helps to extract the air out of the bottle preventing the wine to deteriorate. The pump is easy to use.

What is the best wine preservation system?

Vacuum wine preservation systems suck excess air from the wine bottle, after which a stopper remains on the bottle stopping any more air from getting into it. There are highly expensive examples that could be considered the best wine preservation systems if you are a connoisseur with the budget to match.

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What is a preservation stopper for wine?

Vacuum preservation stoppers are part of the wine preservation system. This system is designed to manually enable you to pump air out of the opened wine bottle. It creates a vacuum in the wine bottle that adds one to two days to the life of the wine. These wine savers don’t appear that attractive but work very well.