What makes the new Michelin Starcross 5 soft tire different?

More lightweight and maneuverable, the new MICHELIN StarCross 5 Soft tire features a combination of technologies. The key point is its carcass, which is considerably more flexible.

What is a Michelin star and why does it matter?

With the advent of Michelin stars in 1926, awarded to the best restaurants in the guides, durable car tyres and the pursuit of exceptional boeuf bourguignonbecame forever entwined.

What is the connection between tyres and Michelin stars?

Michelin Stars and tyres have a surprising connection. The Michelin star has become a symbol of high-end dining and a two letter phrase which just about everyone knows. Meanwhile, covered in dirt, oil and roadkill, tyres couldn’t be further from white linen tablecloths and nouvelle cuisine.

Why buy Michelin tires?

Vehicles both electric and not, city bikes and mountain bikes, commercial airplanes, racing motorcycles, fire trucks and ambulances, school buses and public transportation: whatever way you choose to move and wherever you are, Michelin is right here moving with you. Motion for life. Buying tires is important.

michelin star tokyo 2020

How many new restaurants are in the 2021 Michelin Guide?

In the 2021 guide there are two new restaurants with three stars, two with two stars, and 18 restaurants earning their first Michelin stars. Sazenka becomes the first Chinese restaurant in Tokyo to earn three Michelin stars.

What’s new in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2020?

Today, MICHELIN unveiled its selection for the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2020, which introduces carefully selected restaurants and hotels in the Japanese capital. Since its launch in 2007 as the first edition of the guide to be published in Asia, the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo has been updated every year, and the guide has now reached its 13th edition.

michelin star tokyo 2021

What’s new in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021?

The Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021, unveiled by Nihon Michelin Tire Co. and to go on sale on Thursday, includes 446 eateries, of which 12 were ranked the highest with three stars. It also awarded Green Stars to establishments making efforts toward sustainability.

What is the Michelin star Food Group?

It’s a relatively diverse group that includes sushi, Japanese and Chinese cuisines, as well as a few representatives of European cuisine, including four French-influenced restaurants and one Italian. Michelin also awarded six restaurants its new sustainability award the Green Star, including new three-star restaurant L’Effervescence.

How many restaurants receive a Michelin Green Star in Tokyo?

Two new restaurants awarded Three Stars and six establishments receive a MICHELIN Green Star Michelin is pleased to unveil the selection of hotels and restaurants that make up the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2021.

michelin star tokyo ramen

What is the best ramen shop in Tokyo?

Nakiryu was chosen next as a one star Tokyo Michelin ramen shop. This happened in 2017, just two years after Tsuta. Nakiryu ramen offerings include tantanmen, shoyu, shio and san ramen (a more sour tatanmen). First-timers should order the TANTANMEN.