What do the different spirits like in spiritfarer?

Each spirit in this game has different personality likes, dislikes, and taste in food. Good food increases their mood greatly and so make sure to check out their mood occasionally by interacting with them. Below is the list of all the food recipes available in Spiritfarer and each spirit favorite food and how to make them.

Can you cook food in spiritfarer?

Check out this guide for a complete list of all cooking recipes in Spiritfarer. As you guide Spirits through the world, they will eventually get hungry. In Spiritfarer, you will be tasked with tending to crops, sailing and crafting, as well as cooking food.

What is the best food to give in spiritfarer?

This Spiritfarer Food Giving Guide will tell you exactly that, breaking down the likes of each of your friends and the spirits you encounter so you can maximize your food usage with your friends. Favourite Food – Black Coffee (Coffee Beans).

How many recipes are there in spiritfarer?

Also see Cooking . There are 100 recipes in Spiritfarer that can be made at a Kitchen . Every dish that is cooked will have a dish size and at least one Food category . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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