Why choose our liquor store in Nairobi?

Our goal is to be the number one liquor store in Nairobi, and we want to achieve this by offering our clients the best shopping experience and the most discounted wine and spirits prices in Kenya. Our shop and alcohol delivery app have the widest selection of vodkas from every corner of the world.

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How much do the different wine prices mean?

They are divided into four price brackets ($10, $20, $40, $80) based on their global average price. When you’ve selected a wine, use our free wine encyclopedia to learn more about it. A quick disclaimer: wine prices vary from store to store and from country to country, so the average prices listed here are just a guide.

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What are the most famous wine-producing regions in China?

Some of the more famous wine-producing regions are: 1 Chang’an 2 Gaochang 3 Luoyang 4 Qiuci 5 Yantai -Penglai

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What happened to World wine production in 2019?

World wine production fell by more than 10% in 2019 after the highest-volume year in a decade in 2018. Every major wine producer was lower in volume in 2019 compared to 2018, with Italy and France off by 15% and Spain by almost 25%. Portugal (10%), Russia (9%), and South Africa (2%) were the only countries that could point to an increase over 2018.

What is the global wine production for 2020?

World wine production in 2020 is estimated to have reached 260 million hectolitres (Mhl). This is an increase of 1%, almost 3 Mhl, compared to 2019. This level is just slightly below the long-term average.

Which countries export the most wine from Italy?

Italy was the leading producer of wine in 2020, and had the highest export volume of wine in that year, at 20.8 million hectoliters. The other two top winer producers were also the top exporters. Spain exported 20.2 million hectoliters and France, 13.6 million.

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What are some wine puns and jokes for wine Wednesday?

They can also be future caption ideas for when you’ve snapped a photo of a glass of wine in hand #WineWednesday. Whether you indulge in rosé, or prefer a full-bodied red, or stick to white wine- there’s a pun for everyone! Here’s a list of our favourite wine puns and jokes. Enjoy! “Wine a little, laugh a lot.” “You had me at merlot.”

Can you make people laugh with wine puns?

Making people laugh is so easy when there’s wine involved. Add in puns about wines, and you’ll have people laughing like you’re the best thing since sliced bread! Everyone’s in for a grape time with these funny wine puns!

What are some of the silliest wine puns?

The only thing that may be even sillier are our science puns. 1. The wine casket maker didn’t have anything to do which resulted in him being bordeaux. 2. You can always tell which of the wine tasters is there for the first time by that blanc look on their faces.

What can you do with a good mix of puns?

Okay, if you made it to the very end, hopefully that means it was a good mix of puns for you to enjoy. Keep the puns going, create a personalised wine label! Personalised wine labels are the perfect opportunity to share an inside joke or a pun with your friends and family.