What are Jerusalem’s most popular restaurants?

One of Jerusalem’s most beloved restaurants, The Eucalyptus explores the city’s culinary history through modern recipes that are a blend of Levantine, Jewish and Arab cuisines and biblical ingredients. Dishes on the menu include figs stuffed with chicken, St Peter’s fish, and red lentil stew.

What makes Jerusalem’s gastronomic scene unique?

While famed for its more informal falafel and hummus joints, Jerusalem’s thriving gastronomic scene also offers numerous sophisticated restaurants that rely on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Culture Trip has hand-picked a selection of fine- and casual-dining establishments inspired by local tastes.

What’s on Condé Nast’s Hot List?

For the 25th edition of the Hot List—Condé Nast Traveler’s picks of the year’s top hotel and industry openings—we highlight the innovative new spots that are changing the way we dine. Save this for later. This year’s annual Hot List of the best new hotels from around the world is a story of resilience.

Are there any kosher restaurants in Jerusalem?

Whether or not you’re looking for kosher restaurants, Jerusalem offers a wide range of options that are both mouthwateringly delicious and suitable for a plethora of palates.

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Why is Lake Como so popular with tourists?

Whether it is for a day trip, for a relaxing weekend, or for a stay immersed in nature, Lake Como has always been frequented by tourists who also appreciate good food. In addition, the restaurants of Lake Como are particularly sought after for their outdoor terraces.

How to organize a romantic dinner in Lake Como?

that Lake Como is a very romantic place is undeniable! In this beautiful setting, if you want to organize a romantic dinner, just have a terrace, a table and two chairs and it’s almost done. But since details make all the difference, choosing a restaurant with a certain atmosphere is also important.

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What is the best restaurant in Alfama Lisbon?

13 Best Restaurants in Lisbon 1 Boi-Cavalo Arrow. Perched on an a cobblestoned alley in Alfama is something unexpected, at least for this traditional, fado -obsessed neighborhood: experimental contemporary cooking. 2 A Cevicheria Arrow. … 3 Chutnify Arrow

Who are the best chefs working in Portugal?

Vincent Farges is one of the most talented chefs working in Portugal. In the Chiado district, the French chef leads and co-owns the fine dining, Michelin-starred Epur, where he combines French cooking technique, Portuguese produce, and influences from around the globe.

Where can you find the best custard tart in Lisbon?

“Anyone coming to Lisbon for the first time is bound to make a pilgrimage to Pastéis de Belém, the café that gave birth to the custard tart. They’ve been baking them here since 1837 using a recipe passed on from the next-door monastery, and the technique is still “This is a new spot in Chiado and, for me, they make my favourite pastéis in the city.

What are the best restaurants in Lisbon?

13 Best Restaurants in Lisbon 1 Boi-Cavalo#N#Arrow. Perched on an a cobblestoned alley in Alfama is something unexpected, at least for this traditional,… 2 A Cevicheria#N#Arrow. A Cevicheria, a tiny restaurant on trendy Principe Real, stops pedestrians in their tracks when they… 3 Chutnify#N#Arrow. More …