What is the best thing to eat when you feel sick?

Chicken broth and chicken soup are common home remedies for everything from headaches to colds to fevers. Fluids are often better tolerated when you’re nauseous. That’s why broths and soups may be a good first step towards eating again.

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What to eat in the first trimester of pregnancy?

19 Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy. 1 Lean meat. The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of every cell in both your body and your baby’s. High-protein foods also keep your … 2 Lentils. 3 Yogurt. 4 Wild salmon. 5 Avocado. More items

What to eat when you have morning sickness?

Here are some of the food choices that seem to help with the reduction of morning sickness symptoms: Bland Starches: Foods that are metabolized quickly can be good to eat during pregnancy. Try eating bland ingredients, such as pasta, rice, potatoes, toast, or bread.

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What should you eat when you’re sick?

CHECK OUT: The health benefits of a cup of coffee. All food lists advising what to eat when sick include chicken soup. This perennial favorite is a must when under the weather as it provides fluids and electrolytes along with anti-inflammatory properties propping up your immune system.

What are the best leafy greens to eat when you’re sick?

These act as antioxidants to protect cells from damage and help fight inflammation ( 51 ). Add spinach to an omelet for a quick, nutrient-packed, protein-rich meal. You can also try tossing a handful of kale into a fruit smoothie. Most leafy greens also make excellent additions to soup, which is another great choice when you’re sick.

What are the best protein sources to eat when you’re sick?

Salmon is one of the best protein sources to eat when you’re sick. It’s soft, easy to eat, and full of the high quality protein your body needs for recovery ( 52 ). Salmon is particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have strong anti-inflammatory effects that may help your immune system work more effectively ( 53, 54 ).

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What are the best foods to eat when you have cold?

13 Best Foods to Eat When You Have a Cold 1 Citrus fruits. The earlier you can get some Vitamin C-rich food into your system,… 2 Kefir (yogurt). Kefir and yogurt are both rich in a special type of bacteria called probiotics. 3 Carrots. Carrots are packed full of Vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient to support your…

What to eat when you have the flu?

Still, it’s all about eating the right foods for your condition. Consider eating the following foods when you have the flu. 1. Broth. Whether you prefer chicken, beef, or vegetable, broth is one of the best things you can eat when you have the flu.

What’s the best way to kick a cold?

The best way to kick a cold is to drink plenty of fluids and eat phlegm-fighting foods. Here are some winners. This one isn’t just an old wives’ tale — chicken noodle may actually help soothe a cold.

What to eat when you feel sick in the morning?

15 Best Foods to Eat When You Feel Sick, According to Dietitians 1 Oatmeal. 2 Topped baked potato. 3 Green tea. 4 Honey. 5 Cereal. 6 Smoothies. 7 Nuts and seeds. 8 Elderberry syrup. 9 Chicken soup. 10 Ginger. More items…