Is it worth visiting countries that produce wine?

But at the risk of starting a serious debate, we’re just going to be honest: Not all countries that produce wine are worth visiting for their wine. Instead, head to these 15 countries where wineries abound and the quality of wine is unmatched.

Which countries export wine from the United States?

American wines, including those from top wine regions like Oregon and Washington, are now exported to nearly every country in the world, with England, Canada and the Far East serving as particularly important markets. 5. Argentina: 161 Million Cases/Year

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Which states produce wine?

Nearly all states in the US produce wine, but almost 90% is produced by California, which, on its own, would be the fourth largest wine producer in the world! Winemaking has been a part of American history for only a few centuries, and wines produced here and in other non-European countries are called New World wines.

What are the top 4 wine regions in the world?

Source: International Trade Administration 2017 World Wine Production Report Top Wine Regions of The World The top 4 major wine regions of the world are France, Italy, U.S.A., and Spain. They produce just over half of all the wine in the world.

Which country produces the most wine?

The Top Wine Producing Countries of the World. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Italy, Spain, France, and the United States are world leaders in wine production.

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What is the alcohol content of Malbec?

A: Malbec can have up to 15% alcohol, which is significant for wine, so be careful. But it is no bother to enjoy a glass or two occasionally. Our research team searches out the best of everything so that you can confidently pick the perfect products and services for your needs.

What is the best Malbec to buy?

Top Picks for the Best Malbec. 1 Catena Zapata Nicasia Malbec. Malbec may be new to the world market, but it isn’t new to Argentina. Catena Winery has been producing Malbec for around … 2 Luca Malbec. 3 Chateau Haute Serre Malbec. 4 Norton Reserva Malbec. 5 Kaiken Ultra Malbec. More items

What is Argentinian Malbec?

On its own, malbec is used to make single-varietal wines. Unlike before, when malbec was used as a blending grape, Argentinian Malbec is used in seventy percent of its wine production and is incorporated in almost all the wines, even to a small degree. Malbec has a dark purplish-red color and it is mostly opaque.

What is the best Malbec wine in Mendoza?

2017 Durigutti "Pie de Monte" Finca Zarlenga Malbec Los Árboles, Valle de Uco, Mendoza ($25) This is such a quietly confident, resolutely non-flashy wine that wears its achievement lightly.

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What are the best wine regions to visit in Europe?

If you ever find yourself in Portugal, be sure to try the variety of fresh local wines while visiting two of its most famous wine regions (and UNESCO World Heritage sites), Douro Valley and Pico Island. 12. Romania Romania has one of the longest histories of winemaking in the world and is one of the top wine producers in Europe and the world.