Is Xiu Greenhills a total luxurious revamp?

A total luxurious revamp! Xiu is still pretty new making its mark in the Greenhills area. With many other strong competitors at the other side of the street, I’m excited to see how the Greenhills crowd will respond to the new restaurant with a feel of luxurious Hong Kong.

What makes Xiu the new Chinese restaurant special?

The new Chinese restaurant gives guests a true taste of Hong Kong, with a marriage of Old World charm and modern aesthetics. Xiu serves an array of Cantonese dishes, from traditional to innovative trends from the Hong Kong fine dining scene, where live seafood is the focus.

What is Xiu by htcg?

That’s where we found out that Xiu is the newest concept of HTCG, the group behind favorite establishments like Lugang Cafe, Tuan Tuan and The Dessert Kitchen. According to Annabelle Chua, CEO of Xiu, West Villa is one restaurant in Hong Kong they keep on going back.

xtreme primers review

Can you use a 6 1/2 Remington primer in 223?

Warning: Remington does not recommend use of the 6-1/2 Small Rifle primer for use in the 17 Remington, 222 Remington, 223 Remington, 204 Ruger, 17 Remington Fireball. Use the 7-1/2 Small Rifle Bench Rest primer in these cartridges. The 6-1/2 Small Rifle primer is primarily designed for use in the 22 Hornet.

What are the best primers for reloading?

The 18 Best Reloading – Powders & Primers reviews. 1 Winchester® Primers. Winchester primers have a new surface finish for improved sensitivity. Per 1,000. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings. 2 Remington® Primers. 3 Winchester® Rifle Primers. 4 Hodgdon® Smokeless Powder. 5 Winchester® #209 Primers for Shotshells. More items

Where are X-Treme primers made?

I called X-Treme Today and the person I talked to stated they are comparable to CCI , but when I asked again if X-Treme manufactured them , or someone else , I was told X-Treme has a plant in Bosnia . I bought 10k Ginex small pistol primers from Ventura Munitions 13 months ago. They are manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What is extreme bond primer used for?

For surfaces that require a greater degree of adhesion than our standard primers can offer, Extreme Bond Interior/Exterior Primer is up to the challenge. Designed for coating hard, glossy surfaces like tile, glass panels and plastic piping with minimal surface preparation.

yellow star restaurant logo

How to choose the right logo colour for your restaurant?

Syncing your logo colours with your restaurant theme can strongly influence your customer’s decision during food orders. For example, fast food restaurants often use brighter colours such as red and yellow, while fancier restaurants tend to stick to muted or black-and-white themes.

What restaurant has a red roof on their logo?

Pizza Hut We can’t talk about well-recognized brands without bringing up the chain famous for the red roof. Pizza Hut is one of the most dominant restaurants out there and their logo can be seen all over the world. Their first logo came along in 1955 and features their mascot, Pete, holding the words “Pizza” and “Hut”, as seen above.

Why do fast food logos have red and yellow on them?

Red colour has a tendency to evoke the feelings of stimulation and hunger so it’s clear why restaurants are fans of Red. Yellow on the other hand evokes happiness and friendliness. So it’s clear that use of these colours on the logos of fast food restaurants is not accidental but result of a lot of thought process.