What makes the Vincom Center Landmark 81 so special?

Having outstanding features and architectural styles as well as luxurious facilities, the Vincom Center Landmark 81 breaks many records such as the tallest building in Vietnam, the highest skyscraper in Vietnam, the highest observation deck in Vietnam and the highest restaurant and bar in Southeast Asia.

How do I get to the Skyview in Landmark 81?

Landmark 81 Skyview is located in Landmark 81, if you want to go to the Observatory, you need to take a private elevator right from the B1 floor. Here visitors will use tickets/codes to redeem and check-in via the scan port (as at the Metro Station of other countries), then through the security checkpoint and go to the elevator.

What is Landmark 81 (Ho Chi Minh city)?

Invested and developed by Vingroup, Vincom Center Landmark 81 (Ho Chi Minh City) is the tallest sky-scrapper in Southeast Asia and considered as the 14th highest building in the world.

what to do in the 16th arrondissement paris

Where to see the Eiffel Tower from the 16th arrondissement?

Although the Eiffel Tower is actually situated in the 7th arrondissement, there are plenty of great places in the 16ththat boast stunning views of the city’s mascot. The best viewpoint is Trocadéro, sitting just across the Seine from the tower and boasting impressive water displays at the Fontaine de Varsovie (Warsaw Fountain).

What is the 16th district of Paris known for?

One of the city’s largest districts, the 16th stretches across a wide swathe of Paris’ northwestern border and is situated on the right bank of the Seine. It hugs the vast, leafy park known as the Bois de Boulogne and the affluent suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

How do I get to the 16th arrondissement in Paris?

It hugs the vast, leafy park known as the Bois de Boulogne and the affluent suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. To get to the 16th, take line 1 or 9 on the Paris metro to the Les Sablons, Passy, or Trocadero stops.

What to do in the arrondissements of Paris?

Important part of Paris. It is one of the richest arrondissements of Paris and this is easy to guess from the many beautiful residential buildings, nice restaurants and shops. Except some very touristic areas (like Trocadero) it is less crowded by tourists.

what to do with truffle carpaccio

What can I do with truffle?

addition to omelet, utilizing the truffle infused oil. add to a simple splice of bread with cheese and some truffle carpaccio Since any dish containing the word truffle is mostly found at a fancy restaurant, I was surprised when the Costco price was only $23.49.

What to do with San Miniato white truffle?

Remove from bagnomaria and add truffle. Just cooked pasta, drain and preserve a glass of water. add tagliolini to the butter and some of the water, joing at your pleasure Parmigiano Reggiano. Place on the plate, add with taglierina other San Miniato withe truffle and enjoy yourself! 3. Stracciatella with San Miniato White Truffle

How do you add truffle to pasta?

But if you are a big truffle lover then add as much as you like to the butter. Whilst the pasta is cooking make the very quick sauce of butter and black truffle. Reserve a cup of the pasta water, then drain the pasta and add it to the butter sauce along with some of the pasta cooking water.