What is the most expensive meat ever sold?

The most expensive meat ever sold is the Porterhouse sold at Wally’s Wine & Spirits. Wally’s is a restaurant at Resorts World Las Vegas, which serves up a 60 oz. porterhouse steak (you read that right) for the low, low price of $20,000.

most expensive food franchise in india

What are the most profitable franchises in India?

Firstly, the country has one of the largest consumer markets due to numerous population. It means that Fast Food, Restaurant, Healthy Food, Retail will always be among the most profitable franchises in India.

What are the most expensive fast food franchises to own?

One of the most expensive fast-food restaurant franchises to own is McDonald ‘s. It would be hard to name a country that does not have at least a branch of McDonald’s. It is so popular that you don’t need much for your marketing.

Which is the cheapest fast food chain in India?

One of the cheapest fast food chains in India is Tibie’s Frankie. Named after West Indies cricket Frank Worell, Frankie of Tibb is a popular fast food chain that offers its customers high quality food. The founder of Tibb’s Frankie is Amarjit Singh.

What are the food service franchise options available in India?

There are plenty of food service franchise options accessible today, including fast food, classic, vegetarian and other many restaurants. India is the country with a hint of spicy taste. Indian restaurants serve a variety of yummy dishes that are breathtaking in its diversity.

most expensive food in canada

What are the most expensive meals you can buy in Vancouver?

Vancouverites are known to take advantage of all of the city’s great restaurants, so it’s not surprising we have some places for the finest dining. Here are some of most expensive meals you can buy. This $725.00 pizza is a medley of tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked Steelhead, Russian Caviar, & Italian white truffles.

Where is Canada’s most expensive pizza?

This spot in Richmond boasts the most expensive pizza in Canada, coming in at a whopping $850. The ‘C6’ comes with prawns, lobster, steelhead trout and caviar. Then, it’s topped with white truffle leaf for good measure, too.

most expensive food in europe

Which are the most expensive countries in Europe for life?

Switzerland, Norway and Luxembourg are named as the most expensive countries in Europe for life (into account were taken consumer prices and cost of living), informs the ee24.com with reference to European Cost of Living Index 2015, organized by the Numbeo portal.

Which country has the most expensive food in the EU?

Within the EU Denmark is the most expensive country for bread and cereals, Austria for meat and for fish, whilst Cyprus is the most expensive for dairy products (milk, cheese and eggs). Among all 37 countries Turkey is the cheapest country for bread and cereals and for meat. For fish, the lowest price levels are observed in North Macedonia.

most expensive food in korea

What is the best South Korean food to try?

1. Chili Pickled Cabbage (Kimchi 김치) I’m going to start this South Korean food list with not really a dish at all, but something that is critically vital and quintessential to any Korean meal: KIMCHI.