Why choose Emirates Fine Foods?

Emirates Fine Foods is also in constant contact with most of the companies, importers, wholesalers, processors or even retailers involved in the food industry and can put you in touch with these trade partners.

Where does Classic Fine Foods operate?

We are the only fine foods specialist to operate in 11 different countries across Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Wherever your career takes you, you’ll find a Classic Fine Foods branch nearby!

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What makes UK Fine Foods different?

Welcome to UK Fine Foods, the home of outdoor living, food preservation and much more. What makes us difference is our real passion for what we do. We stock our virtual shelves with only the very best tools, appliances and products for the kitchen or outdoors – all tried and tested by our very own team.

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Why choose foodventures?

We delight the consumer with tasty, food-safe vegetables, all year round. FoodVentures is an expert in high-tech greenhouses, taking responsibility across the value chain, from conceptual design to sales and marketing of the produce. We educate and train local staff, who we treat well and pay for their employment, also when we do not harvest.

What is FoodFood ventures?

Food Ventures aims to build a synergistic and complementary portfolio of companies which enables development of IPs and commercial rights. Visit our portfolio to see our brands. We help our brands find funding through our network of investors.

Where does foodventures operate its greenhouses?

In Georgia our Imereti greenhouse produces lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Heat is obtained from a nearby geothermal well. FoodVentures started its portfolio near Lviv, Ukraine. Here we operate a lettuce greenhouse, delivering exceptional quality produce to demanding supermarket and food service customers.

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Who is Bidfood B Brisbane?

Bidfood Brisbane is a distributor and supplier of wholesale products across several categories within the local foodservice market. Our Brisbane customers have access to a wide range of wholesale food. Create flavoursome recipes and keep your customers coming back for more with our diverse range.

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Should you pair marijuana with your wine?

When it comes to pairing marijuana with tannic reds or high-ABV wines, proceed with caution. While wine and weed generally make for a harmonious combination, qualities present in certain wine varietals and certain marijuana strains can prove complicated and, ultimately, undesirable.

What are the best indica strain wines to drink?

If you’re more in the mood for a mellow indica strain, LaShea recommends “bold reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Petite Sirah, [which] are all full-bodied wines that have a variety of dark fruit flavors (blackberry, black currant, plum) and sometimes pepper, cloves, or cinnamon.

Can cannabis be combined with food and beverages?

Since marijuana can now be enjoyed out in the open (in certain states, at least), figuring out how to combine cannabis with different foods and beverages is an exciting challenge for hospitality professionals … and for ambitious home entertainers, too.