What food services are available at Nottingham Trent University?

This includes breakfasts, lunches and hot and cold snacks and drinks at great prices. Find out about food services at Nottingham Trent University. Find out more about the cafés and food outlets on our City Campus.

How to get to fine food (NTU) in Singapore by MRT?

How to get to Fine Food (NTU) in Singapore by MRT? Walk about 1819 meters from Exit B – Singapore Discovery Centre to Fine Food (NTU), walking time is around 31 mins. What are the nearest bus stations to Fine Food (NTU)?

What is the food like in the NTU canteen?

The canteen is completely meat and Chinese centric. There are heaps of Indian students at NTU, yet the canteen has neither an Indian stall, nor a vegetarian stall.

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How do I contact fine food specialist?

Email support@finefoodspecialist.co.uk Phone 020 7627 2553 Email responses can take up to 2 working days, but we will respond as quickly as we can.

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Is this the most hidden restaurant in NUS?

Alcove is perhaps the most hidden restaurant ever in the whole of NUS. Tucked away at the University Cultural Centre, this is the zi char place many have heard of but have never tried.

Where can I eat around NUS campus?

With the free shuttle bus service around NUS, you can also spend the entire day hopping around for different choices. Whether you’re a student, alumnus or just a very hungry foodie, here are 10 places within the campus you can fill yourself up at. 1. Alcove Asian Restaurant Bar Alcove is perhaps the most hidden restaurant ever in the whole of NUS.

Where’s the best Cafe in NUS for a casual date?

The café offers a variety of western food such as Beef Shepherd’s Pie ($8.50) and Braised Lamb Shank ($16.90). They’ve also got pretty looking cakes like rainbow cake and red velvet cake, but the selection changes weekly and are subjected to availability. Hint: The Royals Bistro could be a great venue for a casual date in NUS! 6. Maki-San

What makes NUS different from other food places?

With a clean and minimalist interior, it certainly stands out from the other food places at NUS. Their popular mains include Signature Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl ($17.90) and Aburi Bara Chirashi Bowl ($16.90), which you would have probably come across on Instagram.

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What is the Bluff Oyster Festival in New Zealand?

The Bluff Oyster and Food Festivals in New Zealand is a massive event not just on the New Zealand food and wine festival calendar, but also for the whole world. That’s the very reason you can spot people from all parts of the world here. Wanna try some delicious oysters cooked in different tempting ways?

What is the Waiheke Wine Festival in New Zealand?

The Waiheke Wine and Food Festival in New Zealand is like a fun day out on the Waiheke Islands where you can drink some Waiheke wines with fancy gourmet food while you listen to foot-tapping live music. You can taste wine from award-winning vineyards such as Awaroa, Batch, Goldie Wines, Cable Bay.