Which restaurants offer free birthday sundaes in Singapore?

Swensen’s has been offering free birthday Sundaes ever since I was a child and this is perhaps the oldest ongoing birthday deal in Singapore. To enjoy a complimentary Firehouse Happy Birthday Sundae, you simply have to be a Cool Rewards Member and dine-in on the actual birthday. Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

What are Your Top 10 favourite restaurants in Singapore?

1. The Courtyard 2. NOX – Dine in the Dark “Something everyone should experience.” 3. Song Garden “Yummy dim sum!” 4. Melt Cafe “Amazed!” 5. Jade “Other-wordly!” 7. Dolce Vita “Great food & Services in a nice…” 8. MO BAR at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore 9. Summer Pavilion “… a touch of swanky finesse at this c…” 10. Hua Ting Restaurant

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Where to go for a musical in Bremen?

In a town that is famous for the Grimm Brothers’ tale about a group of travelling musicians, it is only fitting to enjoy an evening at Musical Theater Bremen. Situated on the edge of the old town, the theatre seats 1400 and houses Henry’s Bar, which also functions as an art gallery.

What are the best restaurants in Bremen?

VaiVai Bremen “Nice place and good food.” “Good!!” 23. Beck’s in’n Snoor 24. The Grill “Just perfect !!!!” 25. Badshah Indisches Spezialitaten Restaurant “Super delicious food and great friendly…” “Really nice Indian dinner.” 26. Schroter"s Leib und Seele “Great food and service !!” “Excellent high-end cuisine in great…” 27. Al Dar

What makes Bremen the food capital of northern Germany?

Bremen has also been dubbed the ‘food capital’ of Northern Germany by the Michelin Guide, where fine dining establishments cross paths with laid-back haunts. From traditional Italian or French fare to local delicacies such as Labskaus, we profile ten of the best restaurants in Bremen.

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Does Calgary have good restaurants?

This city has become the finest dining destination in Alberta for diverse and delicious dishes, and there are plenty of restaurants to Calgary to try! The foodie scene in Calgary is always evolving, with new creative and innovative culinary creations vying for the savory spotlight.28 Jun 202230 BEST Restaurants in Calgary to Try (Downtown & Elsewhere)thebanffblog.com › Eat

What is the most popular restaurant in Alberta?

The restaurants are selected based on votes by 100 food critics, leading chefs, top-notch restaurateurs, elite diners and food fanatics from across Canada. Ranked number 10th in the country, River Cafe located in Prince’s Island Park is the best restaurant in Alberta.Top Restaurants & Bars in Alberta According to Canada’s 100 Bestwww.todocanada.ca › best-restaurants-bars-in-alberta-according-to-canadas…

What food is famous in Calgary?

Discover Alberta’s 7 signature foods and where to find them in Calgary restaurants.We all need to eat. For me and most of my friends, food and eating also play an exciting role in the planning and enjoyment of travel. … Bison. … Beef. … Honey. … Canola. … Red Fife Wheat. … Saskatoon Berries. … Root Vegetables.Alberta’s 7 Signature Foods | Tourism Calgary
www.visitcalgary.com › things-to-do › stories-from-calgary › albertas-7-si…

How many restaurants are in Calgary?

There were more than 5,900 restaurants operating in Calgary and the surrounding area last year, according to licensing records from Alberta Health Services. That’s up from about 5,500 in 2015. And, compared with the rest of Canada, Albertans continue to spend nearly the most, per capita, on dining out.Calgary’s restaurant scene isn’t dying — it’s changing | CBC Newswww.cbc.ca › calgary-restaurants-full-limited-service-trends-1.4991911

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Why join Kiwanis of Erie?

As a Kiwanis member, you have the privilege of serving and guiding these young leaders. The Kiwanis Club of Erie sponsors Circle K International at Mercyhurst University, Key Club at Cathedral Preparatory High School, Key Club at Northwest PA Collegiate Academy, K-Kids at Lincoln Elementary and the Aktion Club at the Barber National Center.