What makes a restaurant a fine dining restaurant?

But remember that the day-to-day operations of a fine dining restaurant cost more and require a lot of experienced staff. Patrons of fine dining establishments expect high-quality food, top-shelf spirits, and stellar customer service, all of which come at a premium.

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Where to eat at the Hilton Hotel Athens?

The Byzantino restaurant on the ground floor of the Hilton Hotel Athens has long been a beloved rendezvous point among the Athenian elite. The restaurant’s unique menu offerings have been lovingly designed and prepared by the establishment’s award-winning Greek chefs.

Is there such a thing as a bad Athenian restaurant?

You could quite safely say that there is no such thing as a “bad” Athenian restaurant. Greeks pride themselves on their cuisine. Yes, there are a handful of “touristic” restaurants in places like Thissio and Plaka that serve simple dishes at inflated prices. However, these are in the minority.

What is the best seafood restaurant in Athens?

Varoulko is the best seafood restaurant in the city of Athens. Yi restaurant has taken its name from the way we pronounce the greek word “Γη” meaning Earth. That’s because it is inspired by our natural environment and by the significant role Earth plays in our existence.

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What are the best restaurants in Athens?

SENSE Restaurant “Huge bang for your buck – gorgeous…” 16. Hytra 17. Telemachos “Good meat!” 18. Galaxy Restaurant & Bar 19. Balthazar 20. Dionysos Zonar’s “Elegant and cozy!” 21. Cookoovaya “Very good, but…” 22. Premiere Restaurant & Lounge Bar 23. Metropolis Roof Garden “Romantic dining with a view!” “Great experience!” 24. Papadakis 25.

What are the best restaurants in Alabama to visit?

25. Suzanne’s “Wholesome!” 26. Whitt’s Barbecue 1-A “Can’t be beat!” “where’s the chicken.” 27. Touchdown Wings “Wings Sums It Up, It’s a Chicken Place…” 28. The Village Pizza of Limestone County “Delicious wings and pizza!” 29. Waffle House “Daughter also enjoyed her bacon, egg, and hash browns .”

Why book an al fresco dinner in Athens?

Whether you have an al fresco dinner on summer evening or dine in colder weather during winter, this view never ceases to enchant. At the rooftop bar you can enjoy signature cocktails and a panoramic view of the most iconic Athens landmarks.

How far in advance should you book restaurants in Athens?

And you don’t have to book months in advance. So if you’re feeling starry-eyed in Athens, go for it. The first restaurant in Athens to receive a Michelin star in 2002, Spondi has remained at the top of its game due to the perfectionism of its owner, Apostolos Trastelis.

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What are the best places to eat in Atlanta?

“This Place NEVER…EVER Disapoints!” 15. Asian Garden Chinese Japanese Cuisin “Who would have thought.” “Consistently great Asian food and service!” 16. Daylight Donuts “Best donuts in town!!” 17. Julio’s Market Chicken and Fish 18. WaWa’s Seafood Shack “Great Boiled Seafood !” 19. Callaway’s Coffee & Bistro 20. Athens Cafe

Where to eat in Athens Greece?

For fine dining on Athens’s most scenic terrace. Perched on Lycabettus Hill, one of the highest peaks in Athens, the views from Orizontes are god-level. Sit outdoors come sunset – with the Acropolis, Aegean Sea and entire city sprawled below – and you’re guaranteed to feel like you’re dining on Olympus.