Where can I buy wine in Lagos?

The big fish wine shop is located at 1 Tade Street off Akiole street Ikeja Lagos. They are stockiest of local and foreign wine. Whether you need an alcoholic or non–alcoholic drinks, you can beckon on Big fish wine shop.

How much is the price of red wine in Nigeria?

The price of Drostdy-Hof red wine (Claret Select) in Nigeria is N27,000 for a carton of 12 Bottles. Click HERE to get it Now. 7. Frontera Red Wine. A juicy red wine from Chile with a deep ruby colour and alcohol content of 12%. Frontera red wine is a light, dry, medium-bodied red wine, with good berry flavour.

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What to eat in Germany at Christmas?

Every region and family has their own traditions, but traditional Christmas food in Germany includes duck, goose, rabbit, and a roast. The main dish is usually served with red cabbage, potato dumplings, and various kinds of German delicacies. Germans also eat gingerbread, Santa chocolates, and home-made cookies during Christmas.

What kind of food is made in Germany?

Breads & Cereals — German breads from pumpernickel to vollkorn, pretzels, muesli and other cereal brands imported from Germany… Cakes, Cookies — Traditional recipes and premium ingredients deliver the extraordinary flavor of German cakes and cookies from classic brands…

What are some things that are expensive in Germany?

Things that are expensive in Germany 1 standard hotel rooms 2 used cars 3 clothes and shoes 4 fish 5 Vegetable and fruit 6 Public transportation 7 Electronics and accessories 8 Stationery 9 Furniture 10 Electricity and gas

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What are the best restaurants in Berlin?

Zur Haxe is one of top restaurants in Germany known for offering some great local and European cuisine. A ‘not-so-expensive’ eatery, and good quality of food draws a lot of foodies to this restaurant. If you are in Berlin and do not want to miss the local delicacies, head straight to Zur Haxe.

How much does it cost to eat in Berlin?

Menu €24 for one course, €35 for two or €47 for three One of the few riverside restaurants in Berlin, and in business at this location since 1931, Ganymed has a terrace that’s great for watching boats sailing by on the Spree and spotting trains gliding across the railway bridge into busy Friedrichstrasse station.

Which is the best restaurant in Germany to eat like locals?

8 Best Restaurants In Germany To Dine Like The Locals. 1 1. Marjellchen. Image Source. Suggested Read: 10 Best Hotels In Germany: Epitomes Of Royalty, Elegance, And Home-Like Comfort. If you are looking for … 2 2. Delhi 6 Indisches Restaurant. 3 3. Restaurant Atelier Gourmet. 4 4. Ratskeller Munchen. 5 5. Zur Haxe. More items

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Is zhng-Ed hawker fare worth the splurge?

That being said, there are a couple of zhng-ed versions of familiar hawker fare out there that are worth the splurge.

What are Singapore’s most iconic hawker foods?

Laksa must be one of Singapore’s most iconic hawker food, and “Katong Laksa” has become synonymous with this bowl of spicy and coconuty rice noodle dish. You use only your spoon to eat the short strands of vermicelli.