What are some of the best Chinese restaurants in the world?

“Nice Chinese Restaurant with Homemade…” 9. Ling Garden Restaurant “They Saved The Best For Last!” “Excellent Lunch Spot, Very Reasonable…” 10. Pure Spice Restaurant “What’s not to like?” 11. Master Kong 12. China Rim 13. Kung Pow! “… little Chinese restaurant before go…”

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What do you love about China Star?

The 1 star is for the egg roll and the soup with the crispy wontons. We love China Star! So much QUALITY food at a low cost. Everything is so yummy.

Does China Star Chinese restaurant offer takeout?

Yes, China Star Chinese Restaurant offers takeout. What forms of payment are accepted? China Star Chinese Restaurant accepts credit cards. How is China Star Chinese Restaurant rated? China Star Chinese Restaurant has 3.5 stars. What days are China Star Chinese Restaurant open?

Does China Star make good fried rice?

China Star’s version of fried rice tastes very much like homemade, which is ok, but when I get fried rice out, I want that super hot wok style fried rice! In terms of boneless spare ribs, China Star carries those big, chunky, thick, meaty, fatty ones that are all the same size.

What do you think about China Star food?

People that grew up eating some of the dishes in the style that China Star uses would probably love the food (although admittedly, it could use a bit more seasoning or something in some cases). In my opinion, I just happen to like a different style of fried rice, beef teriyaki, and boneless spare ribs for example.

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What are some of the best restaurant quotes in Rochester?

Hunan Garden “Our egg rolls smoke all restaurant egg rolls .” “Their egg rolls were delicious.” 2. China 1 Chinese Restaurant “This fantastic Chinese restaurant is se…” “We ordered from China 1 because one of…” 3. Hunan Chinese Restaurant “Annual visit when in Rochester.”

Who is China Star?

China Star has been family owned and operated since 1995, gaining the favor of many Rochester locals. Once expanding to three restaurant locations, we have since decreased our operation to the single Northwest restaurant across from the Super Target.

What to eat at China Star?

China Star offers a refreshing and unconventional twist, we takes pride creating visually-striking and mouthwatering dishes. Delicious and authentic menu to choose from, we’re committed to provide every customer with attentive, timely, and friendly service. L1. General Tso’s Chicken L2. Moo Goo Gai Pan L3. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables L4.

What are the best Chinese restaurants in Rochester?

Hunan Chinese Restaurant “Annual visit when in Rochester.” 4. Star Ocean Buffet “A good choice .” 5. Kingdom Buffet 6. Wong’s Cafe 7. China Star 8. New China 9. Imperial Wok 10. Wong’s Cafe “Wong’s Cafe is just as fantastic as the…” 11. China King 12. Great Wall 13. Manchu Wok “Excellent orange chicken!” 14. Hy-Vee Market Grille Express

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What are the best wedding restaurants in Singapore?

Sinfonia Ristorante has an exquisite menu and concocted cocktails that will keep the guests alive throughout the reception — which is why we name it one of the best wedding restaurants in Singapore. In terms of interiors and atmosphere, it definitely doesn’t fall short either.