What are the most common nutrition challenges?

Nutrition Challenge #1: “I can’t stop stress/emotional eating.” More than 60 percent of our new clients list emotional/stress eating as a major nutrition challenge. What’s more, over 50 percent say they also “get intense cravings” and “snack when not hungry.” If you relate, it might be a relief to know you’re not alone.

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What is the biggest source of food waste in the world?

75% of food waste happens at the production, postharvest handling, and storage levels. More than 500 million tons are lost due to crop pests and inefficient harvesting and irrigation. This makes production as the largest source of food waste. Another 350 million tons are estimated to be lost due to postharvest handling and storage.

How much food is wasted in the US?

At a time when 12 percent of American households are food insecure 4, reducing food waste by just 15 percent could provide enough sustenance to feed more than 25 million people, annually. 5 What Is Wasted Food? There are two main kinds of wasted food: food loss and food waste.

How much food is wasted in the EU each year?

It reveals that over 50% of edible and inedible food waste in the EU comes from private households. It amounts to 47 million tonnes of waste, at a cost of €98 billion each year. Household food waste in the UK represents 70% of all edible food waste, according to WRAP, a British charity.

What is the impact of food waste?

Wasted food has far-reaching effects, both nationally and globally. In the U.S., up to 40% of all food produced goes uneaten [2], and about 95% of discarded food ends up in landfills [3]. It is the largest component of municipal solid waste at 21%. [1]

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What is the most-subscribed channel on YouTube?

The Indian music video channel T-Series is the most-subscribed channel on YouTube, with more than 101 million subscribers as of June 2019. This article lists the fifty most-subscribed channels on the video platform YouTube.

How do I find a good cooking channel on YouTube?

The best way to find a YouTube cooking channel that you’ll love to cozy up to is to get on YouTube and start watching. It won’t take you long to see if you like the flavor, tone, and style of a cooking show. So, you can watch the first minute or two of a channel, and click away if it’s not your cup of tea.

What are the best YouTube food channels?

Other good YouTube cooking channels include Epic Meal Time, Food Wishes, Binging with Babish, You Suck at Cooking, and Laura in the Kitchen. Vote up the best YouTube cooks, and add your favorite YouTube food channels missing from this list. And if you love watching people prepare food, check out the best cooking shows on TV. Photo: 1

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What are the best food festivals in Italy?

Food festivals are like one big Italian dinner, with a few historic parades, dancing, and music is thrown in for good measure. Here are seven food festivals you definitely need to attend — just be sure to pack your stretchy pants. 1. Fiera del Riso — Isola della Scala

Where to eat rice and risotto in Italy?

Fiera del Riso — Isola della Scala Isola della Scala, near Verona, is already home to renowned restaurants that serve only risotto or rice-based products (including rice grappa), so it’s not surprising that it also hosts the biggest rice and risotto festival in Italy, Fiera del Riso.