What are digital wine subscriptions?

Like modern-day wine of the month clubs, digital wine subscriptions allow members to select wine online and have bottles delivered to their home on a monthly, quarterly, or flexible cadence.

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Is this California wine subscription box the best way to explore?

California has thousands of small, independent wineries, and if you’re not able to spend months combing the countryside, this wine subscription box is the best way to explore them. The curators actually visit wineries, focusing on what the winemakers truly love — not the best-selling bottles.

What is the International Wine of the Month Club?

About the Subscription: International Wine of the Month Club has been introducing its members to an assortment of expertly selected wines since 1994. This wine subscription prides itself on scouring the world for only the best and most unique bottles.

How much does wine of the Month Club cost?

Best Classic: Wine of the Month Club The Wine of the Month Club is a classic wine subscription service that dates back to 1972, so you can trust it knows a thing or two about delivering high-quality wines to its members. Prices start at $38 a month and vary depending on which club you join.

What is the best wine subscription for You?

Here’s the best wine subscription for you. Take a tour of small family wineries month-by-month with The California Wine Club. Each month, this wine subscription service sends 2 hand-selected wines along with a copy of their wine guide, Uncorked.

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How many bottles of wine do you get with a subscription?

They send out bottles twice a year, and you can sign up to receive 12 or 24 bottles each time. Kostrzewa says those who prefer wine made in Washington, Oregon, and California’s Sonoma Valley, should check out the subscription from WOW Sonoma, which offers monthly shipments of three bottles from those areas for $107 a month.

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Where can I buy wine in Canada?

Many Canadian wineries also offer online sales or have their own wine clubs which you can subscribe to. We’re partial to Black Hills Estate Winery in B.C., for example. It has its own Black Hills Wine Club. You can sign up for just half a case (6 bottles), delivered 3 times a year ($823.20), or a full case, again shipped 3 times a year ($1,646.40).

What is the best wine subscription to give as a gift?

A Club subscription was the best gift we ever received, so we now give it to our kids. Really look forward to the surprise of this month’s wines – never disappointed. My parents were so very impressed with the packaging and quality of wine they received. It was a great gift.

How much does a wine subscription cost in Canada?

They offer four monthly wine subscriptions of VQA wine: 2 bottles for $69; 3 bottles of high-end wine for $99; 6 bottles of award-winning Canadian wine for $197; and 12 bottles of top-quality VQA wine for $395. Amazing Clubs — An American gift subscription company that also offers their products in Canada.

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How do I choose the best wine subscriptions?

The best wine subscriptions go above and beyond the choice of red wine, white wine, rosés or sparkling wine — they can also offer vintages while other clubs may offer vegan or organic wine. Finding the best wine subscription will ultimately depend on your palate and preferences. Read more: What’s the Difference Between Natural and Organic Wine?