What is delectable app for wine?

The app also functions as a discovery tool, with users able to follow newsfeeds of top sommeliers, winemakers and wine pros, as well as explore curated lists of vintages. Delectable isn’t content to just be a powerful wine label scanner and recognition tool.

How do I choose a wine from the app?

Start by taking a photo of your wine. The app will then guide you through the process of describing the wine’s main characteristics, accompanied by lots of useful tips. First, you choose the appearance, selecting from a range of shades for each main wine style.

What is the best app for scanning wine bottles?

Delectable is one of the best smartphone apps for scanning wine bottles to get user reviews, ratings, and background information. Using your phone’s camera, Delectable takes only a few seconds to take a photo of a bottle and retrieve data on it.

What are the best apps for wine lovers?

Created with Sketch. Another wine companion app, Vivino (Android, iOS) boasts a photo label recognition system that can quickly bring up information for a given wine, complete with reviews, ratings and tasting notes.

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Is wine ring the wine app for You?

If you’re a moderately knowledgeable wine drinker or aspiring sommelier looking to sharpen your palate and really hone in on what you like or don’t like, Wine Ring is the wine app for you.

What is Hello Vino (Android/iOS)?

Hello Vino (Android, iOS) aims to be a wine companion app for the everyday shopper, with a label scanner, personal wine journal and food pairing recommendations. Simply tell Hello Vino what you’ll be eating or some general taste preferences, and the app will recommend wine varieties to go with the meal or occasion.

What is this new wine-scanning and rating app?

This critically acclaimed new wine-scanning and rating app creates a real dialogue between wine drinkers and industry professionals by fostering a sense of community around a shared interest in wine.

What is the best app to recommend wines?

Wine Ring ( Android, iOS) takes a learning- and predictive-algorithms approach to its wine recommendations. The app takes into account your ratings for particular wines (Love It, Like It, So-So, or Dislike) and uses those ratings to generate recommendations based on your personalized tastes.

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What is the best app to buy wine?

Vivino: Buy the Right Wine on the App Store With 50 million users, Vivino is the world’s largest wine app and marketplace empowering people everywhere to enjoy wine to the fullest. Vivino provides wine drinkers access to unbiased information about wine from a community of millions.

What is the best wine label scanning app?

Vivino and Delectable remain the main players, with Vivino still the most popular and most useful overall. For full reviews, see the complete article below. 18 April 2016 When the first wine label scanning apps appeared around three years ago, it seemed like pocket-sized alchemy.