Which wine should you give as a Christmas gift?

A good wine is a simple, yet stylish Christmas offering. Wine expert Victoria Moore rounds up her top 10 bottles to give as gifts over the festive period – we have red, white, sparkling and even fortified options to please every budget and taste. 1. Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth

best white wine for mulled wine

What are the best spices for making homemade mulled wine?

A lot of people who make homemade mulled wine choose to go with spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and cloves because they provide a very earthy, rich, and deep flavor that hits the tongue perfectly.

What is mulled wine?

Mulled wine is also known as spice wine because many different spicec heated. Mulled wine is typically made with red wine add-ins that even further boost the overall flavor and taste of the wine of your choosing.

What is the best base for mulling red wine?

This is definitely a top pick for red wine batches, as not only is it the perfect base but it also can be bought in large quantities for mulling without hurting your budget too much. Not everyone appreciates the flavors of Zinfandel, but those who do know that it serves as a great base for some mulled wine.

What are the best wines to pair with mulled wine?

While you may be familiar with white Zinfandel wine which is a rose, Zinfandel is actually a red wine. It is a great option to consider as it has a smooth taste and texture. It has notes of vanilla oak, and black cherries that work well with the other ingredients in the mulled wine.

best white wine for sushi

What is the best beer to pair with sushi?

Most experts suggest, for beer pairings, a lager or other light beers. Since beer tends to feel and taste a bit heavier than some wines and is also starchier, your options are naturally a bit more limited. Another alternative to wine pairings with sushi is Sake.

What wine goes well with tempura?

Deep fried and delicious, tempura pairs well with a sparkling wine like Cava or very light-bodied white wine. Vinho Verde – a white blend from Portugal with a slight effervescence – or Sauvignon Blanc are solid choices. We like to pair our tempura with Bright Cellars’ Strange One Sauvignon Blanc.

What kind of wine goes with sushi?

However, a very light red wine with medium acidity and low tannins will also pair with some sushi options especially cooked fish rolls. There are options for white, rose, sparkling, and red wine with sushi below. Keep reading!

Is Riesling wine good for sushi?

Riesling is a solid choice for sushi. Lighter cuts of fish pair well with a light-bodied white wine, and the delicate fruit notes and mouth watering acidity in Riesling do just the trick. If you prefer lean cuts of fish like white fish or yellowtail, go with a dry Riesling. If you prefer spicy bites, go with an off-dry Riesling.

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What are the best herbal wines to pair with food?

Sauvignon blanc: The most popular of the herbaceous whites, sauvignon blanc is known for its high acidity, herbal flavors, and fruit notes of honeydew and grapefruit. Some bottles feature green aromas of grass or jalapeno. This wine pairs well with meals that include lots of herbs, such as chicken or tofu dishes as well as Thai cuisine.