Why is split the best place to live?

To top it off, Split has a unique setting. Its dramatic coastal mountains act as the perfect backdrop to the turquoise waters of the Adriatic and help divert attention from the dozens of shabby high-rise apartment blocks that fill its suburbs.

Where is split located?

Located around 200km north of Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast, the Croatian city of Split is often overshadowed by its glamorous neighbour. But once you…

Which is the best wine bar in Split?

Food & Wine Bars 1 MoNIKa’s Wine Bar. MoNika is a great little bar with a cozy interior, central location, friendly owner and staff, and perhaps the best wine tasting in town. 2 Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox. Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox is the most popular Split restaurant on Tripadvisor. … 3 Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel. … 4 Bokeria Kitchen & Wine. …

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What are the best restaurants in Split?

Another Split institution, Kadena has been a favourite of locals for years and was perhaps one of the more experimental restaurants in its time, before the food scene really boomed in Split. A delightful location above the sea, where some of the finest views in the region can be enjoyed from the restaurant terrace.

What’s new in the 2018 Michelin Guide for Croatia?

On the 1 st March 2018, the highly-esteemed Michelin announced their 2018 Guide for Croatia. They have awarded two new restaurants a Michelin-star and 5 restaurants in Split have been recommended. In 2017, Croatia made the bible for foodies – the Michelin Guide.

Which are the best Michelin star restaurants around the world?

Among the best Michelin Star Restaurants around the world, here are top ten most recommended. Liao Fan Hong Kong is considered to be the best budget Michelin star restaurant. When it comes to affordable yet delectable food, there is no country that can really beat Asia.

Are there any Michelin star restaurants in Split Croatia?

Michelin Restaurants Split, Croatia. As of 2018, there were three Michelin restaurants in Croatia…but none of them are located in Split. However, even though there are no Split Michelin Star restaurants, Michelin did provide recommendations for five restaurants in Split: Konoba Fetivi, Zrno Soli, Zoi, Restoran Dvor Split and Kadena.

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What is Thessaloniki famous for?

There’s nothing Thessaloniki does better than food. A port city, it’s renowned for the freshness of its seafood, the variety of its restaurants – from the under-the-radar neighbourhood favourites to contemporary fine dining – and its always-warm hospitality.

Where is the best meze in northern Greece?

In Northern Greece, there is just good food and good vibes. Full Tou Meze is one of the most popular meze spots and ouzerias in all of Thessaloniki. It sits on Katouni 3, in the beating heart of Ladadika ‘s central square.

What is the best restaurant in Thessaloniki?

The Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki. 1 Full Tou Meze. Full Tou Meze is a favorite mezedopleio in Thessaloniki Where: Katouni 3, Thessaloniki, 546 25. 2 Μαιτρ & Μαργαρίτα. 3 Extravaganza. 4 Mia Feta. 5 Ergon Agora. More items