What makes a great red wine?

When it comes to red wine, balance is a non-negotiable for Alexandra Neverov, sommelier at Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton, New York. “For me, there has to be this unspoken equilibrium in a great red wine, from tannins to alcohol to acid and fruit balance,” she says.

Which 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon wines should you buy?

Cabernet collectors should stockpile wines from the 2016 vintage, which are high in naturally vibrant acidity due to a moderate growing season. Hallmark signifiers are deep, dark fruit and a distinct freshness, all of which the 2016 Larkmead has in spades.

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What is the best decanter for Merlot?

Best Merlot: Riedel Merlot Decanter Believe it or not, the shape of your decanter can be chosen based on what types of wine you drink most often. Riedel, one of the top names in wine stemware and glassware has created a decanter that is suited for Merlot wines and they even have a Cabernet model as well.

What is the best wine decanter for cab drivers?

Robert Daugherty, winemaker at Winc in Santa Barbara, California, picks the Riedel Ultra as his favorite wine decanter. “For Cab drinkers, it’s a must-have—not only does it have a wide base for maximum exposure to oxygen, [but] it’s also simple in design and elegant,” he says.

What is the best way to decant wine quickly?

If you need to decant a bottle of wine quickly, the Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System is your best bet. Decanters come in a few different types, including electric and traditional, and also use a variety of methods to do the decanting.

How to choose the right wine decanter?

Remember that the most important thing about a good quality decanter is the amount of breathable surface area that your bottle of wine is exposed to in the carafe. With this option using a standard bottle size the wine reaches the widest diameter on the decanter allowing for maximum aeration.

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Which is the best wine estate in Stellenbosch?

" Definitely the best wine estate in Stellenbosch – friendly staff, excellent food and even better wine! " 6. Vergenoegd Low The Wine Estate " … tremendous and hats off to Megan the lady who kept us all well fed and entertained with the history of the farm. " 7. Tokara Wine Estate

Where are the best wine farms in South Africa?

The Cape is blessed with some of the most spectacular wine farms in the country, indeed the world, with spellbinding views, scrumptious farm meals and superb wines aplenty. With so many brilliant options – the Cape has over 300 wine farms – it’s hard to know where to begin. One of our favourite regions is Stellenbosch…

What to do in Stellenbosch?

Visiting this Stellenbosch wine farm is one of the best things to do in Stellenbosch. We went with a guide to the vineyards, stopped at a few photogenic places and passed a chicken farm. Here they still know what "free range" means. So whether you are traveling with or without children, a ride with a segway is highly recommended.

What makes Stellenbosch’s Shiraz so special?

These are unashamedly powerful, new world ripe style wines, with the concentrated, fleshy single vineyard Shiraz being the estates blockbuster wine. The vineyards are located to the south of Stellenbosch, against the spectacular backdrop of the Helderberg Mountains.