What are the best places to work in Amsterdam?

It’s split up into different zones: a café where you can work, a cosy restaurant, and a beautiful cocktail bar. With film and food halls in the Kanarie Club’s backyard, this old tram depot in Oud-West is rightly one of Amsterdam’s most popular working spots.

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Is Dutch food getting more sophisticated in Amsterdam?

While traditional Dutch food might have a stodgy reputation, the chefs dominating Amsterdam’s food scene today are showing off the more sophisticated side of the country’s cuisine.

What makes Amsterdam’s neighbourhood food scene so special?

As a centuries-old trading hub, Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods have always been a place where cultures meet, and that gives the city a unique energy that’s reflected in its food scene. With a renewed focus on sustainability and plant-based eating, there’s something for every taste here – even those who want to stick to the old-school potatoes and meat.

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Is sour grapes a true story?

“Sour Grapes” is a crime documentary movie that shows the true story of Rudy Kurniawin, a wine fraudster and now one of the most hated men in the wine industry. Rudy was a rich wine collector (or was he?), who spent millions of dollars on wine, but also sold countless bottles of fake wine.

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What is the Best New Zealand wine region?

Probably the most famous New Zealand wine region to the international community, Marlborough is best known for producing fantastic Sauvignon Blanc. The region is also responsible for upwards of 77% of all wine production in New Zealand.

Should I subscribe to a winery club?

If you like only a certain varietal of wine (such as cabernet sauvignon) or wines from a specific region (Champagne, for example): Subscribe to a winery club, or join a subscription service that meets your specific needs, such as Fatcork (Champagne), José Pastor Selections (Iberian wines), or Winestyr (American wines).

What are the best wine clubs for natural wines?

In the meantime, we did hours of research and spoke with a few experts, and we found that clubs like Primal Wine Club, Plonk Wine Club, MYSA Natural Wine, Helen’s Wine Club, and Dry Farm Wines all offer a good value and selection of natural wines.

Can you find award-winning New Zealand wines for under $25?

Meet the judges of the 2021 New World Wine Awards. Big and bold, or floral and fruity? However you like your red wine, here you’ll find award-winning wines of New Zealand for under $25.

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What is an online wine shop?

Online wine shops are magical emporiums replete with handy digital features like filters that allow you to search by price, genre or occasion. You know what that means? No more wandering the aisles trying to find the nicest label or the best discount thanks very much.

Where can I buy the best wine online?

Drinkability and value for money are what Lea and Sanderman hold most highly when it comes to helping you buy the best wine online. Choose from a bottle list which reflects the brand’s ‘relentless globetrotting’ by country, price or producer.