What are the best things to buy in Italy?

Another great item to pick up at Italian supermarkets are those very pricey porcini mushrooms. You will find them jarred as well as dried in a bag. I purchased dried porcini mushrooms, reconstituted them, and served them with pasta– absolutely delicious.

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What are the best Italian food brands in Italy?

Tealdi A selection of beautiful Italian confort foods like pasta, pasta sauces, polenta, seasonings and more. Terra Del Tuono A family producer of some of finest and best Balsamic Vinegar and balsamic products from Italy. Urbani A family owned Italian company specializing in gourmet truffles and truffles specialties, helmed by the Urbani brothers.

Where can I buy authentic Italian food?

Savor authentic Italian foods like fresh truffles, prosciutto, cheese and more, available at Gourmet Food Store. Buy online for prompt delivery to your door! Skip to main content Leonidas Belgian Chocolates Gifts | ON SALE | View Details 877.220.4181 | Customer Support | Order Tracking | My Account | Login

What is Italian gourmet food?

Italian Gourmet Food. Italian Balsamic Vinegar; Italian Cheeses; Italian Condiments and Spices; Italian Farmed Caviar; Italian Honeys; Italian Mushrooms; Italian Olive Oil; Italian Pantry Items; Italian Pasta and Sauces; Italian Polenta and Rice; Italian Prosciutto; Italian Specialty Meats; Italian Truffles; Italian Utensils

What can I buy in Italy at Costco?

Find salami meats and sopressata, prosciutto ham, cured sausage, and other Italian deli meats. Add cheeses from every region of Italy to your cheese board. Shop cheese wheels and wedges of pecorino romano, parmigiano reggiano, asiago, scamorza and more. Explore dozens of authentic Italian pasta types.

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What are the best Italian dishes to eat?

Invented by chef Stefano Callegari in 2008, the Trapizzino consists of white pizza (essentially cooked pizza dough) with fillings like oxtail or chicken with peppers. Drooling yet? Us too. 11. Panelle Three words: Fried. Chickpea. Polenta. You can eat this cucina povera — “poor man’s food” — alone or in a sandwich bun if you’re feeling fancy.

What to eat in Sicily?

This really popular Sicilian street food is basically a fried, breaded rice ball with different fillings. In the “feminine version”, the arancina is usually orange shaped, while in the “male version”, the arancino is slightly conical, a shape that it’s known to be inspired by the Etna volcano.

What to eat in Puglia?

The Panzerotti is typical Italian street food, originating from Puglia. So the first highlight for the panzerotti is to try it if you’re traveling to Puglia. Panzerotti is a really popular Italian street food in the north as well, especially in Lombardy. There are many panzerotti shops in Milan as well! The best of the best is definitely Luini!

What is the most popular street food in Italy?

Top 10 Most Popular Italian street foods 1 Panzerotti. These crescent-shaped turnovers are traditionally prepared for the Carnival season, and even though it is believed that they originated in the Apulia region, panzerotti are extremely popular all across … 2 Arancini. … 3 Farinata di ceci. … 4 Scaccia. … 5 Supplì. …

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What is the best wine for pepperoni pizza?

Because of the fat content of pepperoni, it imbues its flavor throughout the cheese on every slice. You’ll need a strong wine with intense flavors to counterbalance ‘the pepperoni effect’.