What are the best places to eat in the Bronx?

“Love their Authentic Dominican Food!” 19. Taco Bell 20. Ruby Tuesday 21. Rick’s Place “Old school deli with the owner making…” 22. Los Andes Restaurant 23. Inde Spice “Very delicious!” 24. FAN Chinese Cuisine 25. Papacino’s Bagels, Deli & Catering “Great deli and great food!!!” 26. Jersey Mike’s Subs “Subway on Sterioids!” 27. Avenue Bagels

What are the best places to eat in Deer Park?

Richie’s Pizza Of Deer Park 6. Wally’s Bagels 7. Popei’s Clam Bar & Seafood Restaurant “First Time (1 of 3 ) Locations on Long…”

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What are Your Top 10 favourite fruits and vegetables to eat?


best foods for 2nd trimester pregnancy

What are the best vitamins and minerals to eat during pregnancy?

The USDA has a MyPlate Plan for Moms that allows you to calculate how much of each food group you should eat to get the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals. During your second trimester, it’s especially important to eat foods that are rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.

What foods to avoid during second trimester?

The following is the list of second-trimester foods to avoid: 1 The Raw eggs. 2 Raw meat. 3 Raw fish. 4 Fish with a high content of mercury in them Example: shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and even tilefish. 5 Dairy products made from unpasteurized milk. 6 Soft cheese, blue cheese. 7 Ready to eat seafood and meat. More items…

What should you eat during the second trimester of pregnancy?

Medical experts suggest that during the second trimester, women need to increase the intake of iron, vitamin D, magnesium, folate, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids in their diet.

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Which fruits and vegetables to eat during third trimester of pregnancy?

Most of the fruits and vegetables are loaded with these vitamins and you must include them in your diet during third trimester of pregnancy. Citrus fruit, bananas, carrots, chickpeas, whole grains and almonds are rich in these vitamins.

What to eat during 9 months of pregnancy?

If you still feel like your 9 month baby pregnancy weight is below average, you should definitely load up on your lentils. Apart from adding protein to your diet, lentils are also rich in vitamin B1, known as thiamine, and fibres. You can consume lentils in the form of a dal, stew, or even porridge. 5. Avocados

What is the best diet for pregnancy?

In the third trimester of your pregnancy, your baby’s bones should get stronger and for that, your pregnancy diet should include about 800 mg of calcium. To meet your calcium requirements, you can add and milk products like cheese, tofu, and yoghurt to your diet.

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What to eat at 21 weeks of pregnancy?

Eating well: 21 to 24 weeks 1 Vitamin A is important for night vision, cell growth,… 2 Lunch: watercress and celeriac soup. A simple soup that has a vibrant green colour… 3 Snack: papaya smoothie. Ripe papaya is a delicious source of beta-carotene. 4 Dinner: sweet apple lamb. A simple lamb dish…