What are the best lunch containers for kids?

Hardshell lunch containers made of plastic, glass, or stainless steel offer the best protection for foods that may be damaged during transit, but they are often heavier than the softshell options. Softshell lunch containers are sometimes easier to fit into a bag or safer for kids who may swing the bag around more.

What can you put in a plastic lunch box?

This set includes containers in a variety of sizes, so you’ll always have the right one for snacks, pasta, rice, nuts, dried fruits, dry cereal, cookies, and more. The containers and lids are made from premium-quality plastic that’s built to last.

What should I look for when buying a lunch container?

When buying a lunch container, consider how long it will keep your foods hot and cold. A high-quality insulated container will indicate how long it can hold food at a warm or cold temperature, and some containers will specify whether an ice pack is needed to help preserve foods.

best food containers for meal prep

What is the best way to store my meal prep items?

For storing prepped meal components: Any size glass container with an airtight lid will work. If you’re just getting started and you plan to prep produce and other meal components (as opposed to individual meals), I would suggest a large set!

What are the best containers for meal prep on Instagram?

If you’ve looked on Instagram for #mealprep, you’ve likely seen containers that are similar in design to these. With black lower compartments split into two sections and a domed transparent lid, these are great for maintaining portion control as you meal prep (there’s also a three compartment design available).

What type of meal prep containers do you use?

I use meal prep containers of all sizes – small, medium, large, and even containers that are more of a bag than a classic container. I also use mason jars, small glass prep bowls, rectangular containers with compartments, round containers without compartments… and the list could go on.

What is the best container to cook food in?

For some, meal prep container bowls may be preferred, likely for the maximized depth to store thicker cuts of meat and heftier soups or chili. This 13-pack is the best of both worlds: glass containers, plastic lids.

best food containers for pantry

What is the best size container for storing flour?

The six different containers (which also have lids) range in sizes from four quarts to a small 1.5 cups. That’s perfect for food storage basics — flour, sugars, beans, nuts, snacks, and even spices. That’s why this set was chosen as the best food storage container set overall.

What is the best food storage container for your pantry?

After hours of research and then purchasing several food storage containers we determined that the best food storage container for anyone’s pantry is the Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization food storage set. Even though we really liked the OXO containers the price was what ultimately prevented us from buying more.

What do we look for in a food storage container?

We like ones that can be stored easily and stack on top of each other with little risk of slipping. In the Good Housekeeping Institute, we test food storage containers for air-tightness, leak-proof ability, and staining.