Are your food and wine hampers British or English?

Our food is all British, but our wines are international. If you’re looking for specifically a British or English hamper however, you should choose our food and wine hampers that include the highly esteemed Court Garden English Sparkling Wine. What food is included in the food and wine hampers?

What’s in your wine hampers?

For example, each Champagne hamper includes the much-loved Taittinger Champagne, each Prosecco hamper includes a bottle of award-winning Ruggeri Prosecco Argeo and each red wine hamper will contain wine from either South Africa, France, Chile or Italy. Our food is all British, but our wines are international.

best food and wine podcasts

What is food and wine podcasts?

This collection of food, wine and spirit podcasts offers a little something for everyone, from the somm-wannabe to the casual sipper, fine-dining enthusiast and home cook.

What is the foodcrush podcast?

FoodCrush Get hungry. On the FoodCrush podcast, OnMilwaukee Food & Dining Writer Lori Fredrich and Culture Editor Matt Mueller tackle the ins and outs of dining, food facts, interesting ingredients, and myriad topics related to food and beverage.

What is the best wine podcast for WSET students?

DipWSET and Certified WSET Educator Matthew Gaughan is the host of this podcast that caters primarily to wine students. Each episode dives into one specific topic, covering regions, styles, grape varieties, history, culture, and spirits. During these short-but-sweet episodes, Matthew covers the key points that wine students must master.

What food podcasts should I listen to?

9 Food Podcasts You Should Be Listening To 1 Recipe Club. Momofuku founder David Chang is no stranger to food media. … 2 Home Cooking. … 3 Eater’s Digest. … 4 Food, But We Digress…. … 5 Green Eggs and Dan. … 6 Take a Bao. … 7 Black Girls Eating. … 8 The Food That Binds. … 9 Extra Spicy. …

best food apps for diabetics

What can the one drop for Diabetes Health app do for You?

A clean, color-coded interface reveals your high/low distribution, counts your daily readings, and lets you see at a glance when your sugar levels are healthy or out of range. The One Drop for Diabetes Health app is a diabetes management app that uses your blood glucose data to help you better choose your activities to stay healthy.

Is the diabetic diet app good for prediabetes?

This app takes it back to the basics, making it a useful tool for people diabetes and prediabetes alike. The Diabetic Diet app is a wealth of resources on all things food, healthy eating, and weight loss for diabetes.

What are the best free diabetes apps for free?

Here are some of the top free diabetes and healthy lifestyle apps available: 1. My Fitness Pal While not an app specific to diabetes, My Fitness Pal seems to be the most popular app used for tracking diet, exercise and weight.

How does the diabetic recipes app work?

It also uses your food, activity, and medication information to help you achieve a holistic diabetes management plan with automated alerts, community sharing, and regular health stats reports so you can see your progress or adjust your behavior as needed. The Diabetic Recipes app is a straightforward, useful, and easy-to-use app.