What is the best Indian food to eat?

Haleem is also famous in the subcontinent. It is normally topped with lemon juice, ginger, green chilies, and fried onion. Chicken Malai Boti is another delicious dish in which fresh cream is used to marinate the meat with different spices before the barbecue process.

Where can I find the best Bihari food in Karachi?

The succulent Bihari tikkas at Meerath Kebbab House are a life-altering experience, paired with crisp puri parathas and tangy immli ki chatni, this is a must go to! Drown it all with Pakola for the ultimate Karachi experience. 2. Dum Biryani from Allah wala Biryani Center (Gol Market, Nazimabad)

What are the top 10 most popular Pakistani dishes?

1 Nihari. 2 Biryani. 3 Chicken Karahi. 4 Chicken Tikka. 5 Handi. 6 Seekh Kebab. 7 Katakat. 8 Kofta. 9 Paya. 10 Haleem. More items…

best dishes with beer

What are some recipes for cooking with beer?

Beer batter fried fish, chili with beer, and beer butt chicken are just a few recipes for cooking with beer. A whole chicken is seasoned and slowly cooked on the grill. This is a bit unorthodox, but the end result is moist, flavorful, and amazing. All you’ll need is some chicken, butter, beer, and seasonings.

Can breweries be used in cooking too?

Brews of all shades can be used in cooking too… We’ve long advocated taking the time and effort to match beer with food, but we’re also big fans of using beer in recipes. The same principle applies when using wine to add body and flavour to dishes, and beer is (usually) cheaper than vino.

What do you eat with wheat beer?

Wheat Beer. Pair with: Light soups and salads; vegetarian dishes; sushi; Gruyère cheese and Feta/goat cheese; sweet and fruity Asian dishes; citrus-flavored dishes, including dessert and salad dressings.

What foods pair well with beer?

Pair with: Roasted foods; smoked foods; barbecued/grilled foods; salty foods; oysters; rich stews; braised dishes; chocolate; desserts (ideally the beer is sweeter than the dish).

best documentaries to learn about wine

What are the best movies about wine?

Watching movies and sipping a glass of delicious wine is one of life’s great pleasures. So much better if you’re watching films about wine. There are some great documentaries about wine and a couple of entertaining movies – we’ve watched them and here are our top 11 films for wine enthusiasts. 1. Sour Grapes

What are some of the best documentaries about wine scams?

“Sour Grapes” (2016) – This compelling documentary chronicles a vast criminal enterprise that created thousands of counterfeit bottles of rare, expensive wine, many of which were then sold for thousands of dollars at auction.

What are the best documentaries about sommeliers?

The sequel, “Somm: Into The Bottle,” focuses on winemakers throughout the world, with some of the sommeliers from “Somm” and others providing commentary. There’s a third “Somm” film simply called “Somm 3” but the first two documentaries have aged better and remain fascinating.