What is the best arrondissement to stay in Paris?

The best arrondissement to stay in Paris completely depends on what you want to do as a tourist and how much time you have in hand. If you’re visiting Paris for the first time, you will probably like to stay near the Seine River (1st to 7th arrondissement), where the major tourist attractions are located.

What to do in the 4th arrondissement of Paris?

The 4th arrondissement is one of the most touristic arrondissements of Paris, mainly because of the Notre-Dame cathedral. It is one of the most visited landmarks of the city. You will also find the Île de la Cité, the Île de Saint-Louis and the Centre Pompidou for contemporary art fans.

What are the arrondissements of Paris?

These arrondissements are also called the Jewish neighborhood of Paris. One of the oldest squares in Paris, Place des Vosges, is located in the Le Marais neighborhood. The 4th arrondissement is home to the Notre Dame Cathedral, located on an island in the center of the Seine River.

What are the most popular neighborhoods in Paris?

It is the most popular outer neighborhood of Paris. The 18th arrondissement is actually a high hill that houses one of Paris’s most famous landmarks – the white Sacré-Coeur Cathedral. Moulin Rouge – the number one cabaret show in the universe is another tourist spot in Montmartre.

best arrondissement to visit in paris

Which arrondissement in Paris should you visit first?

The premier arrondissement; if it’s your first time visiting the French capital, you’ll want to include Paris 1 in your itinerary, as it’s the home to many of the city’s famous monuments and sights.

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Paris?

The Louvre is the best neighborhood to stay in Paris for first-time travelers who plan to visit all the popular sightseeing attractions. The Louvre Museum and the Tuileries Gardens occupy a good portion of the 1st arrondissement. The other popular attractions in this district include the Palais Royal, the Conciergerie, and Place Vendôme.

What to do in Paris’15th arrondissement?

Paris’ 15th arrondissement is a relatively uncharted area of the City of Lights that features charming residential streets, a waterpark, and the city’s largest convention center. Situated in the southwest part of the city’s left bank, the 15th arrondissement is quiet and unassuming but has many charming nooks.

What to see in Paris?

What to See in Paris by Arrondissement (District) 1st Arrondissement: Louvre and Tuileries 2nd Arrondissement: Bourse And Montorgueil District 3rd Arrondissement: Temple and Beaubourg 4th Arrondissement: "Beaubourg", the Marais and the Ile St-Louis 5th Arrondissement: The Latin Quarter 6th Arrondissement: Luxembourg and Saint-Germain-des-Prés

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