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why does junk food cause obesity

Why is junk food so bad for You? Whether it’s pasties, pizza or pop, there is no doubt that junk food is on the increase, and so are our waistlines. Are calories the culprit? “The fundamental cause of obesity” the World Health Organisation says, “is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories…

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best wine lidl

What are Lidl’s dark wine tastings? If you’d like to learn more about Lidl’s wine range and how to make more informed decisions when choosing your wine, they have recently launched a series of dark wine tastings, led by Richard himself. The tastings take place in total darkness to try and prevent people…

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best wine for steak tacos

What is the best wine with tacos? Rich, red meats pair well with highly tannic reds while lighter red meats go with red wines with medium tannins. Wherever there are loads of tomatoes, break out the acidic red wine and go for a fruity red if a tangy sauce is on the menu….

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